Save Libraries!

Due to the current financial climate, a significant number of libraries in South Yorkshire are earmarked for closure.  Included in this is Bawtry library in Doncaster. 
Although a consultation period is taking place, the Town Council and local residents feel the decision is final and have therefore decided to take action in order to keep their library open.
A group of pro-active residents, town councillors and ward councillors are taking it upon themselves to establish a community group which can take over the running of the library service, officially making it a community library. 
It is hoped the group will raise enough funds to enable them to register as a charity therefore placing them in a better position to access larger pots of money.  This will help the library service to continue and ultimately be sustainable in the long run.
Up to now there are 14 people interested in taking on a position on the management committee and many more volunteers wanting to become general members who can offer their services to help the new community library to thrive.
If anyone is interested in becoming a member of the proposed new Bawtry Community Library then please contact George Spencer on 01302 711464.
If you want to find out more, Twitter is a great resource for campaigning.  Go and follow losinglibraries, CILIPinfo, Fight4libraries,savethelibrary, womensinstitute, sydenhamlibrary and friernblibrary.
Do you know of other community buildings or libraries which are being run by the community?  If so, keep us informed; Rural Action Yorkshire can not only provide advice and support but we also run training courses on managing community buildings.