Craven Winter Weather

Well, Warm and Safe in Craven 

This new RAY project offers winter weather support and grants across the district of Craven, North Yorkshire. This includes support for the following:

  • resources for winter weather plans
  • help with emergency plans
  • winter weather toolkits
  • support with snow wardens
  • help to set up new winter weather schemes in your community including grants from RAY
  • energy switching support and workshops
  • winter weather outreach
  • ideas for what else you can do to cope with inclement weather in rural locations (such as gritting, befriending services etc)

The Craven Winter Weather project will be hosting a series of events throughout the winter and to the end of April 2015. Details on the latest events follow:

Grants for community resilience projects

Grants are available for the Craven and North Bradford areas. These are for community groups or volunteers and are £250 each. For an idea of what you can do with these grants, visit the poster here, or the flyer here. Contact RAY on 0845 313 0270 for more information and to apply. 


My community or parish needs support. How do I access help from you?

We have a range of support and resources available to you, such as our Winter Weather toolkit, as well as information on staying warm and keeping healthy. In some cases, there will be grants available to you. If you would like to find out if you are eligible for a grant, please contact RAY on 0845 313 0270.

The project will create 5 new winter weather schemes, for which grants will be made available to assist. If you would like to prepare for winter by setting up a scheme in your community, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Read more about the project in the leaflet. We are kindly funded by North Yorkshire County Council and Airedale and Craven CCG to carry out this work. 


RAY's History of Winter Weather Support

During the winter of 2012/13 Rural Action Yorkshire began supporting rural communities to set up Winter Weather Agent Schemes. RAY recognised the impact that severe weather can have upon those living in rural communities, particularly vulnerable residents, and especially over winter months. We were lucky to receive funding to work with parishes in North Yorkshire through the Department of Health’s Warm Homes, Healthy People programme, and later with Public Health North Yorkshire.

The Winter Weather Agent project helped ensure villages and the more vulnerable residents in these places are able to cope better during severe weather, be it snow, floods or drought. Schemes differed from community to community, since they were developed by local groups to meet local needs. But generally there was a focus on older people, with those over the age of 75 more vulnerable during periods of severe winter weather.

RAY’s development officers worked with parishes to help bring their ideas into reality.

The Winter Weather Agent schemes included projects to:

  • Create a database of vulnerable people who may need assistance in the event of severe weather conditions and establish a volunteer support group.
  • Improve community equipment stores as a part of a community resilience plan
  • Provide additional snow clearance of pavements to village schools and in villages that are regularly cut off in winter weather
  • Enable access to/from sheltered housing tenants through the provision of salt bins
  • Provide assistance with travel for medical appointments during severe weather
  • Deliver essential food items to the elderly who have been affected by severe weather.
  • Provide defibrillators in key public areas and training volunteers in their use in rural parishes
  • Set up emergency 4x4 rotas to help residents to get to urgent medical appointments in snowy weather
  • Provide emergency generators for those reliant on electricity for medical equipment
  • Check on elderly residents during cold weather, providing a warm meal, help with shopping or dog walking

You can download a map of all the Winter Weather Agent schemes at the Winter Weather Resources page, where you will also find a wide range of information and guidance for groups looking to establish voluntary support schemes.

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Would you like to help RAY plan our future work? Do you know lots about your community building, the needs of your residents or just enjoy thinking through new solutions for rural issues? Then we would love to hear from you.

Over the coming weeks we'll be tweeting some quick #wintertips that you can try yourself, or pass on to others.
Rural Action Yorkshire runs several projects and iniatives aimed at helping communities to address the needs of their more vulnerable residents.

Rural Action Yorkshire is pleased to announce that they will be operating another round of funding for seed grants for Winter Weather Agent schemes. With support from North Yorkshire County Council, RAY is able to offer grants of up to £250 for 15 new schemes.

Public Health England has published its Cold Weather Plan for England 2013. The plan details what actions should be taken to tackle the health and social ill-effects of cold weather by a wide range of public organisations, community groups, health care workers and individuals.

RAY's umbrella organisation, Action with Communities in Rural England (ACRE), has published two new guides aimed at helping rural communities keep warm this winter. The guides have been written in association with Calor and draw on the knowledge and experiences of ACRE's members, including RAY.

Whenever you contact Rural Action Yorkshire or use one of our services, please take five minutes to let us know how helpful we have been or where we could improve. We'll use the results to make sure we're investing our time in providing the resources that our members and other service users need most.

A new map has been produced showing the location of the 24 Winter Weather Agents schemes that were set up last winter. RAY hope that the map will encourage communities in areas not yet covered to get planning for next winter.

The Duke of York's Community Initiatives Award for community projects in Yorkshire is open for nominations until the 30th June 2013.

24 Winter Weather Agents started up in North Yorkshire, often through Parish Councils, receiving small grants in the early months of 2013 to help co-ordinate volunteers to help their communities deal with winter conditions.

A Winter Weather Agents Toolkit will soon be available through the RAY website, with useful information for being prepared for next winter.

North Yorkshire people show grit (definition: perseverance and passion for long-term goals) in getting grit on paths via the Winter Weather Agents Scheme.  4 x 4 vehicle rotas, be-friending schemes for vulnerable people, information leaflets on the Snow Code and emergency contacts are among other measures also being developed, not only for this winter, but also for next.


Do you know someone who may need help to keep warm this winter?

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