Warm & Well in North Yorkshire

Warm & Well in North Yorkshire 2015 - 2016

This is a new partnership of charities and organisations across the 7 districts of North Yorkshire working to tackle and alleviate levels of fuel poverty. It is funded by the British Gas Energy Trust.

New data has shown that fuel poverty in England and Wales is the worst that it has been since the turn of the century. It is now more important than ever before that we face this challenge head-on and bring support to the people who need it most.

Visit the official Warm & Well in North Yorkshire website, where you can read more, find out about the project partners, and make referrals into the project. 

Am I eligible for help under Warm & Well?

You may live in a cold home, struggle to keep yourself warm or pay your energy bills, or perhaps fall ill frequently from the effects of being always cold. You may have small children who often have coughs and colds, and you may find yourself feeling low or depressed because your home is difficult to keep warm. If any of this sounds familiar, we may be able to assist. 

Support is aimed at those on low incomes, benefits, families with small children, people with disabilities and long-term health conditions, and vulnerable older people. The project will also aim to support rural homes, which are often poorly-insulated, difficult to heat, and off the mains gas grid.

If you are not sure that you are eligible, please get in touch to find out what support could be available for you. Call Rural Action Yorkshire, the lead partner who is managing the project, on 01904 704177 and we will take it from there.

What help is available for me?

We have a wide range of support, initiatives, and resources under the Warm & Well project. This includes:

  • practical and financial help to stay warm
  • home visits to look at how your home can be kept warm and to make minor repairs
  • talks and information sessions to clubs, groups, and communities to look at useful ways that you can keep warm, well and safe
  • grants to community groups or parish councils to set up winter weather schemes, such as snow wardens
  • a hardship fund for those most in need
  • training and awareness for frontline workers and organisations, such as nurses, care teams etc, in subjects such as identifying fuel poverty, applying to grants and trust funds for discounts and financial aid, and energy efficiency
  • campaigns, resources and top tips providing guidance and advice on a range of winter issues

Please get in touch to talk through your own needs and our local partners may be able to help.

Who else is involved in Warm & Well?

We are working with a variety of other organisations in order to reach as many cold homes as we can this winter. Full details of these can be found at the official website.

If your organisation would like to be involved, please contact Candice, the project manager, on 01904 704177 to discuss how we can collaborate to bring warmth and wellness to more homes and people across North Yorkshire.

Find out more...

If you would like to know more or have questions, please contact us on 01904 704177. You can also email Candice the project manager directly by sending a message to candice.dowson@ruralyorkshire.org.uk. You can also download the leaflet.

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CHARITIES AND ORGANISATIONS working to improve affordable warmth are getting ready for their second winter as part of Warm and Well in North Yorkshire.

All of the organisations taking part in the project are experts in fuel poverty and at improving cold homes, but this is their second winter working together under the ‘Warm and Well’ joint initiative.

ONE-OFF GRANTS are available to families and individuals on low incomes in the run-up to winter. More than 20 energy companies offer the Warm Home Discount scheme, which gives eligible customers a one-off grant towards their electricity bill or prepayment meter during the winter. Schemes are set to open from around August time, and the payment is expected to remain the same as previous years at £140.

By Candice Dowson, Warm & Well / Rural Action Yorkshire

Warm & Well in North Yorkshire, the charity project which is raising awareness of the impact of cold homes on our health and wellbeing, was recently out and about visiting St Oswald’s Church in Horton-in-Ribblesdale to meet the local parish.

Householders are getting a better deal on their energy bills through the Ryedale and Scarborough Council’s switching partner iChoosr.  The scheme is free to use, without obligation and makes it easy to switch energy provider, meaning many families will be able to fix their energy prices for the year ahead.

Warm & Well in North Yorkshire, a project coordinated by Rural Action Yorkshire, working to reduce fuel poverty and provide practical solutions to cold homes across the region, has been recently running a ‘draught excluders’ campaign encouraging volunteers to knit and sew excluders that can then be passed on to vulnerable people.

The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee needs your views on future flood prevention in England following severe flooding this winter. The Committee are inviting you to send in your views about the latest developments on future flood prevention in England following severe flooding this winter. The deadline for submissions to the inquiry is Tuesday 15 March 2016.

CHARITIES and organisations have been banding together this winter to bring an end to fuel poverty.

Warm and Well in North Yorkshire has been running since last year county-wide and thanks to successful partnership working, is reaching households and residents who need support this winter.

Vulnerable and elderly people across North and East Yorkshire at risk of illness, isolation and death during the coldest months of the year are being helped by Two Ridings Community Foundation with the support of match funds from the British Gas Energy Trust, and older people who don't need their Winter Fuel Allowance are being especially urged to help.

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