Touchstones needs volunteers

It's a busy time for Touchstones, we are keen to hear from you....

We are looking to recruit volunteers to support older, bereaved people in rural communities of Wakefield, Harrogate and Craven.  Could you teach someone practical skills to tackle a job which they have been putting off? For example could you help somebody get their car ready for winter, could you offer IT skills to set up an email account and Skype? In return for your practical 'know how' you will be offered full support from the team at RAY and our Age UK partners, receive training and be instrumental in the set up of rural skills networks in our area.

Would you like to learn something new and gain your independance back?  Touchstones will support you to develop new skills which you have relied on others to do for your previously. If you have been bereaved and live in Wakefield, Craven or Harrogate then please contact us to find out what skills our network of volunteers can offer.

For more information please contact Joanna Bayton-Smith on 0845 3130270 or email on