Space For You - Doncaster

Space For You - Doncaster Community Transport

What is the Space For You Project?

An innovative research and development project to explore the feasibility of using spare car and minibus capacity in existing journeys made by individuals or groups. This will be journeys made in the voluntary and private sectors, and will seek to match their spare capacity with older people wanting/needing to get out and about more. 

By marrying this spare capacity with need the project will:

  • Help to tackle the growing problems of social isolation and loneliness amongst older people
  • Address issues relating to cuts in public transport provision
  • Support businesses to put something back into their communities
  • Make sure limited resources are used to maximum effect.

Potential benefits for older people

  • More opportunities to get out and about to new places
  • Reduced feelings of isolation and loneliness
  • Increase in confidence and independence and improvements in general health and wellbeing
  • Higher levels of social interaction

Potential benefits for the private and voluntary sectors

  • Contribution to corporate social responsibility
  • Good PR opportunities
  • Demonstration of added social value
  • Feel good factors for those participating
  • Private/community partnership development
  • Allows employees to develop both personally and professionally
  • Positive effects on brand value and reputation
  • Increase employee satisfaction within the workplace

If you wish to be a part of this innovative new project or just want to know more about it, please see contact details below:

Sharon Middling, Project Co-ordinator, 07568129511

Alternatively call the main office on 0845 313 0270 for further assistance.

This project is kindly funded by Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council.