RAY Energy Switch Service

Rural Action Yorkshire has appointed LSI Energy as our preferred Energy Partner. Energy costs are a major issue for Parish Councils, rural community buildings and other organisations in the rural community, and absorb funds that could be otherwise spent on delivering great local services and activities. LSI offers Rural Action Yorkshire members and supporters a completely independent service to secure you the best deal on your gas and electricity supply.

First, LSI searches the whole market to find the best deal for you, and then uses the power of collective purchasing to secure the best possible price, and provides you with a single named Account Manager as your point of contact. All this at no extra cost to you, the customer.

To receive your free independent assessment of your current utility contracts please be sure to mention Rural Action Yorkshire when you contact LSI. Alternatively you can download the LSI / Rural Action Yorkshire Enquiry Form using the link at the bottom of the page.


  • Free assessment of your current utility contracts – LSI offer RAY members a free independent analysis of their existing contracts with no obligation
  • Options to reduce your commercial gas and electricity rates - due to LSI's considerable purchasing power they are able to negotiate prices that are often lower than suppliers own renewal rates
  • Dedicated named account management – LSI offers each client a personal account manager who will be available to help with any account queries
  • Energy management and sustainability – LSI offers energy audits and advice on how to decrease costs by implementing energy saving procedures
  • Siteworks and metering – LSI offers on-site project management and technical advice in regards to both gas and electricity supplies and meter installations

About LSI

LSI has been established for over 20 years and offers a competitive RAY energy package. LSI's knowledge and strong supplier relationships, combined with its considerable buying power, allows them to negotiate the best possible prices in the market. LSI, however, not only focuses on negotiating competitive prices but their industry trained staff offer an array of after-sales support. LSI has been recognised as a trusted supplier and for their customer service winning two awards at the 2014 Energy Live Consultancy Awards.


We spoke to some of the village halls in our area who have used the service already and here is what they had to say:

"I'm sure we've got the best deal, and LSI gave us some very useful advice about our energy use in the hall. We're very happy with the service; if any other village hall asked me about it I'd recommend it, certainly."

John Beadle, Treasurer, Snainton Village Hall, Ryedale

"Yes, it was worthwhile; I'm sure it has saved us money. The process was very easy, no problems at all. There was a little bit of paperwork to complete but nothing too onerous. Certainly we've had no problems since we switched and that tells me a lot!"

Sue Earnshaw, Treasurer and Secretary, Netherton Village Hall, Wakefield

"Definitely worth doing, it was excellent, we reduced our gas bills by about 40% and our electricity bills by about 10%. LSI were very helpful in the changeover process, they do all the work and negotiation for you, which was helpful as we had some difficulty transferring away from our existing contract."

Anon, Treasurer of Village Hall in Hambleton District.

Read the brochure below to find out more about LSI's services, then download our simple enquiry form and post to the address provided or email to barrie@lsienergy.

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