Kirklees Men's Sheds

This exciting project will see RAY working in partnership with local organisations in Kirklees to develop a number of Men's Sheds projects during 2016 and 2017. Men's Sheds are places run by men, for men in collaborative ways, where men come together to work side by side cooperatively on a weekly basis to undertake projects in which they have a mutual interest, thereby contributing to their wellbeing by connecting with others, being active, being valued, learning together and through a spirit of generosity to others.

Mens’ Sheds are larger versions of the typical man’s shed at the bottom of the garden, however, they differ in that they offer space for groups of men to come together to share the tools and resources needed to work on projects of their own choosing, at their own pace in safe, friendly and inclusive environments. Mens’ Sheds engender:

  • skills sharing;
  • informal learning;
  • social interaction and mutual support;
  • individual and collective pursuits;
  • and community projects.

Invariably Men’s Shed activities involve making, mending or repairing things e.g. bikes, cars, woodworking, engineering, boat renovation etc. Similarly reclamation, reuse and restoration all feature strongly (some say this is true for the men too!).

Originally developed in Australia, the Mens’ Shed movement has subsequently spread across Europe. There is a growing network of Mens’ Sheds in the UK with around 6,000 members across 300 Mens’ Sheds.

We are looking for interested parties to work with our Project Officer, Andy, to develop a Men's Shed in their community. To begin with, a new Men's Shed needs:

  • A small core group of 2-4 men who can work together on the project.
  • A space perhaps a basement, redundant building, church crypt or place to locate or build a prefab building
  • An umbrella organisation such as a village hall, allotments association, church or other community group which can act as an umbrella organisation for an emerging Men’s Shed group.

Don't worry if you can't get your hands on all these ingredients at once! Get in touch with us an let us know you're interested and hopefully we'll be able to work with you to develop a plan or put you in contact with other interested people.

To talk to us about Men's Sheds, email our Project Officer, Andy Ryland, or give the office a call on 0845 313 0270.

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Setting up a Men's Shed

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