New web forum for Kirklees community and voluntary groups

Rural Action Yorkshire (RAY) has created a new web forum for community activists and organisation in the Colne and Holme valleys area of Kirklees, West Yorkshire. The forum is part of the Kirklees Two Valleys project, which aims to provide opportunities for voluntary groups in the area to help each other achieve their aims.

Kirklees Two Valleys is about encouraging community groups and those who work in them to share their ideas and experiences, get advice and support from one another, and work together to strengthen the community sector as a whole.

To achieve this, Rural Action Yorkshire has been funded for two years to create a network of peer-to-peer support groups, organise a series of one-to-one direct support sessions and larger meetings, surgeries and events; and provide information and guidance to community organisations to help them become more sustainable in the long term.

The new web forum is part of the creation of peer-to-peer support groups, allowing community organisations to talk directly to one another, discuss ideas, problems and experience, ask for help with problems and work with each other to achieve common goals.

The forum can be found via this link to Google Groups. Membership is only open to organisations and individuals working in the community and voluntary sector in the Kirklees Two Valleys project area, or organisations which can offer support to such groups. More details about the Kirklees Two Valleys project can be found via this page elsewhere on the RAY website, where you will also find the contact details for Mel McGeogh, who is managing the project and can answer any queries you might have about the new forum or the project in general.