Emergency Planning

Working in partnership with North Yorkshire County Council Emergency Planning Team, this project is working to support communities and households across North Yorkshire get plans in place for how to deal with the impact of extreme weather events and other emergencies.

This project is funded by the North Yorkshire Recovery Fund, which is managed by the Two Ridings Community Foundation.

Community Emergency Planning

From early 2017 until the end of March 2018 we will run a number of community information events to inform communities about the benefits of having an emergency plan and what needs to be done to develop one. From these events we will identify a total of thirty communities who will then receive support from the North Yorkshire County Council Emergency Planning team to engage local volunteers and put their plan in place.

We will be focusing our efforts on those communities that suffered from the floods over the winter of 2015-16 and which do not already have an emergency plan, but any North Yorkshire Community interested in getting involved is very welcome to take part in the project.

Each of the communities that goes on to develop their plan will receive a free Emergency Planning Kit from the project.

Household Emergency Planning

As well as community-wide emergency plans, we will also be piloting a new approach to encouraging individual households to put their own emergency plans in place. We have already worked with NYCC to develop materials that can be distributed to households, and the project will explore effective ways in which we can get the message about emergency planning to households at risk. This will include developing new marketing materials and working with frontline health and social care staff, among others, to encourage them to identify households they work with which could benefit from the resources our project can provide.

What's happening?

Right now we're working with NYCC to put together the project plan and identify the communities we think could most benefit from developing an emergency plan. Before the summer we will organise the first information event, with three more to follow in the Autumn and Winter.

We will be contacting Parish Councils and others directly very soon, but in the meantime if you think your community might benefit from being involved in this project please contact James Russell by email or by calling the office on 01904 704177.