Doncaster Village Care Schemes

Across rural Doncaster villages, we are creating people-centred services and activities for every resident to enjoy. Our mantra is that 'everybody in a community has something to offer.'

Funded by Doncaster Council, the Doncaster Village Care Schemes will give local people the chance to have their say on what services are available, and what services they would like to see happen. This could be anything from drop-ins to coffee mornings, lunch clubs to supper clubs, or IT lessons to DIY. 

At the forefront of this whole-community approach are the views, wants and needs of local residents - which is why we need you to tell us what your village could benefit from and whether you would like RAY's support to start a scheme!
Schemes will:
  • Boost self-confidence and social participation
  • Build new friendships and support networks
  • Enable older and vulnerable people to remain active, healthy, happy and independent
  • Provide grants to set up or improve upon activities
  • Offers hands-on support, listen to the needs of local residents and empower them to join in

Project coordinator, Sharon Middling, is on hand to answer all of your questions. Please contact her on 07568129511 or email

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