Doncaster Community Connect

Doncaster Community Connect is a pilot project to test new ways of supporting older and vulnerable people living in Stainton, Micklebring, Old Edlington, Braithwell and Intake, who are experiencing or are at risk of social isolation and loneliness.

Face to face and group support is being provided by local ‘Community Agents’ provided by Rural Action Yorkshire. They are making connections, developing partnerships, undertaking outreach work, identifying needs, providing relevant information and referrals, promoting access to services and ultimately seeking to find solutions  to support older people’s health and wellbeing.

You can read about some of our success stories so far by clicking on the image below. Also keep up to date with all the latest news and press releases by viewing the links below.

One innovative aspect of Community Connect is the development of an associated and bespoke app,  which will be based on simple one tap technology  - essentially turning tablets into simple communication devices for older people. To ensure relevance, access and simplicity the app will be trialled and tested with a small group of older people who will be provided with tablets and internet access as part of the project to see if this new type of technology delivers in terms of reducing social isolation and loneliness, supporting older people to stay in their own homes and encouraging digital inclusion at the same time.

For the latest updates, follow our Twitter page @RuralYorkshire and our partners, the People Focussed Group @pfgdoncaster.
Also stay tuned for future content on this site. Useful resources that we come across as part of the project will be added here.

Doncaster Council is majority funding this pilot project through its Investment Fund resources. RAY is working in partnership with The Peoples Focussed Group (PFG) to deliver this project. The project is also receiving top-up funding from Santander Foundation, contributing to staff time and expenses. 

For more information, please contact:

Wayne Munro-Smith
Project Co-ordinator
Tel: 07540691028

Or call the office on 0845 313 0270. You can read a leaflet about the project below or download it using the link at the bottom of the page. Here you will also find information on your local Community Agent. Email: or

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This event aims to raise awareness of disability solutions to residents of rural communities and support older people in accessing the right types of aid.

Anyone with a disability is welcome along though solutions will be focused on sight, hearing, wellbeing, safety, mobility aids and health checks.

A CHARITY is working with older people to raise awareness of disability solutions in rural areas.

A community project operating across Doncaster has found that it is small acts of kindness and the ‘little things’ which really make a difference to the lives of those at risk of loneliness in old age.

Dementia Friendly Toolkit

As part of the current dementia-awareness campaign nationally, RAY has produced a Dementia Friendly Toolkit which communities, businesses and individuals might find useful in making their environments more dementia friendly. 

FREE AND BASIC Internet training is available for those struggling to get to grips with getting online across Yorkshire, as part of a new charity project which wants to reach those who feel excluded from the rapidly-changing digital world.

Rural Action Yorkshire's Doncaster Community Connect Project has started delivering new tablets loaded with an innovative app to older people in the Doncaster area. The specially designed app is breaking new ground in helping people with no or few digital skills or experience stay in touch with their friends and families, receive reminders and prompts from carers and community agents, and learn new digital skills.

TWO CHARITIES working with older people in Doncaster to address loneliness and social isolation are breaking new ground with their use of iPads and a new app in the lead-up to Christmas.

In the build-up to Christmas, the Doncaster Community Agents project and RAY are appealing for old or unwanted iPads that will enable more people to take part in our pilot scheme trialling new app 'Tap Into.'

Rural Action Yorkshire (RAY) has received £4,258 to fund additional hours for frontline delivery staff (182 hrs over 6 months) plus £600 for travel expenses, to extend support for older and vulnerable people in Doncaster.

Details on finding your nearest Community Agent are found here. To reach the main office or the project manager, call RAY on 0845 313 0270.

Sharon Middling

Agent for: Stainton, Micklebring, Old Edlington & Braithwell
Contact no: 07568 129511

This page features stories from the Doncaster Community Connect project.

Latest stories from Doncaster: 

Lisa's Story.

My name is Lisa.  I am in my mid 50s and I am in heart failure.  For the past several years I have felt very lethargic and pretty much turned myself into the typical “couch potato” stereotype.

A NEW SERVICE  in Doncaster, targeted at supporting older people to face anxieties and reduce feelings of loneliness and social isolation, is having a large impact on the men and women taking part.

Rural Action Yorkshire has launched a new scheme which will look at the social issues facing older and vulnerable people across the Doncaster area and seek novel ways of addressing them. Tackling the problems of digital exclusion and social isolation in particular, the scheme will operate in both rural and urban areas and utilise tablets and app technology as potential means of relieving such issues.

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