Stories from the Doncaster Community Agents Project

This page features stories from the Doncaster Community Connect project.

Latest stories from Doncaster: 

Lisa's Story.

My name is Lisa.  I am in my mid 50s and I am in heart failure.  For the past several years I have felt very lethargic and pretty much turned myself into the typical “couch potato” stereotype.

Since joining The PFG (People Focussed Group, working in partnership with RAY on this project) I have steadily grown in confidence, becoming more able to socialise and ‘give new experiences’ a go.

The best change in my lifestyle has been as a result of taking up swimming again.  At the first I resolutely refused to consider going as I am a very large lady and obviously the thought of being seen by others in a swimming costume was a non starter.  However, the draw of the water was so great that I decided to risk it and literally take the plunge.

Although the first session was a nervous occasion I fell in love from that moment and now everyone has all on to hold me back.  I now go swimming under the guidance and support of Jan Milner, Community Agent, twice a week and am hoping for extra sessions to develop.  Jan is the best teacher and confidence builder ever.  Thanks to her patient instruction, support and fun approach I have found a new lease of life which has beneficial effects on my health both physical and mental.  I wish I had undertaken to start swimming years ago.  As it is, I am revelling in the feel good factor which is seeing a decrease in my weight, a temporary improvement in my odema (fluid retention) and a huge improvement in my self worth with a huge smile to match it.

Jan Milner and Wayne (Rural Action Yorkshire) have delivered a project to make available such activity sessions by their hard work and willingness to support others.  They are both dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of the local community.  Jan’s advice and enthusiasm is boundless and Jan’s attitude is joyful, positive and highly contagious.  I cannot thank or praise her enough for making it possible for me to undertake swimming again.  I NEVER thought I would use the inside of a leisure centre or swimming pool again and would only have had my memories to sustain me.  How wrong I was! All hail Jan Milner.

Thank you all so much.

Doncaster App appears on television.

RAY app 'Tap Into' developed for Doncaster, seeks to alleviate symptoms of loneliness and isolation in older people by connecting them to their community. We appeared on ITV Calendar to talk about it - see the video here:

Walking Football group keeping older residents active.

George and Marie take part in Jan Milner's walking football group in Doncaster as part of the project. Here, they describe their enjoyment of it and the impact is has on their day-to-day lives.

Participants in the group give their motivations for attending, ranging from keeping active, to meeting others, to having fun.

Walking Football has been a great success in Doncaster, with a mixture of men and women taking part, and also people living with dementia. 

It has been a great partnership with PFG in Intake, getting older people at risk of isolation out of the house, meeting new friends and improving their fitness levels!