iPads Appeal

In the build-up to Christmas, the Doncaster Community Agents project and RAY are appealing for old or unwanted iPads that will enable more people to take part in our pilot scheme trialling new app 'Tap Into.'

‘Tap Into’ is a specially-designed app created for older people with no or few digital skills or experience. It enables users to stay in touch with their friends and families, receive reminders and prompts from carers and community agents, and it also helps to build digital skills. 

“The beauty of this app is that older people can receive messages, photos and videos all in one place, without the need to open email, photo or video streaming software and thereby keeping in touch with their friends, family and the outside world,”  says Wayne Munro-Smith, Project Co-ordinator. The app is another dimension to the project across Doncaster, which seeks to address growing issues of loneliness and social isolation amongst older people in the region. 

Apps can be a less intrusive means of reaching more people, and complement the existing work of our community agents Jan and Sharon, who already work hard to identify those experiencing loneliness and enable them to access more services and activities. 

Just ten older people will be given the chance to trial the app as part of an initial pilot, and free iPads are being loaned to them to enable this. There are many more interested and therefore RAY is making an appeal for any old or unwanted iPads as donations to the project.

This would enable a greater number of people to benefit from the scheme, and at Christmas time would make fantastic early presents. If you can help, call RAY on 0845 313 0270 or email Wayne Munro-Smith.