Digital Switchover 2012

On 27th September the analogue signal received by many households in North Yorkshire will be switched off and a digital signal will be received instead.  This is a 2 stage switch over with BBC 2 being switched off first on 12th September followed by the remaining channels on the 27th.
 Digital UK were concerned that older more vulnerable and isolated people would be affected most by this switch because they were either confused and unsure of what to do or that they simply didn’t engage with their local community very much and so were unaware of the switch.
RAY have received funding from Digital UK to employ officers to go out within North Yorkshire and to raise awareness of the switchover and to encourage eligible people to access the switchover help scheme.
The role of the officer has been to identify community supporters who know of older people or isolated people in their community and to encourage them to inform these people of the switchover.  An example of this would be a local shopkeeper who knows his regular customers well or the landlord of a pub who knows the gentleman who comes into the pub once a week for a drink but doesn’t speak to anyone.
Officers have a variety of awareness raising material such as posters, coasters, leaflets, pens and bookmarks.
This project runs until the end of September 2012.

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Today is the first stage of the digital switchover in North Yorkshire.  From today anybody watching BBC2 on an analogue television will find that the screen has gone black, this is because the Tyne Tees transmitter has switched off part of the analogue signal it transmits.

If this has happened to you then you need to do the following things: