Start your own Community Hub

In September 2012, Rural Action Yorkshire began the search for active communities who could develop hubs across North Yorkshire, offering preventative social care and early intervention whilst meeting local need.  The seven communities who have been taking part are a source of inspiration for others wishing to try something similar.  Get in touch if you want to know more about setting one up in your village.

Read a case study from Dalton and Gayles (in Richmondshire) and Cold Kirby (in Ryedale).

Mary from Brompton by Sawdon talks about their fantastic volunteer team:

Tess McMahon is the Development Officer from RAY who has worked closely with the groups. 

She commented “The volunteers running community hubs are truly inspiring: they are imaginative, innovative, practical and generous.  Volunteers one month, for example preparing and serving up a community lunch, may be participants the next week, enjoying a meal prepared by others.  Community Hubs show people at their best: people contributing to their community with mutual respect (whatever their differences), where everyone is valued, with people sharing what they are able to. Above all, it’s about community spirit, people enjoying coming together because they enjoy the company and the activity or event.”