Dementia Friendly Communities

Dementia Friendly Toolkit

As part of the current dementia-awareness campaign nationally, RAY has produced a Dementia Friendly Toolkit which communities, businesses and individuals might find useful in making their environments more dementia friendly. 

This will be used within Community Friendly Buildings to support villages and rural areas to increase awareness and improve accessibility to those who may be living with dementia. 

We have an ambition to encourage every rural
community in Yorkshire to think about becoming
dementia friendly. Whether you run a business,
manage a local community building, or run activities
and events – we would love you to read this guide
and pledge to make one small change to improve
the lives of people with dementia (or their carers) in
your community. 
The toolkit is available electronically but hard copies are available on request. Please click on the picture to be taken to the toolkit (PDF - opens in a new window or tab). From there you can download to your computer. Alternatively, you can find the toolkit attached at the bottom of this page, or email James or Candice at for assistance. 


File RAY Dementia Friendly Toolkit.pdf2.85 MB