Do You Have Bats?

It is highly likely that bats will be roosting in in some of the community buildings in Yorkshire. As bats are nocturnal you may not even realise that you have a bat roosting in your building. If you are planning any building or remedial work that affects a bat roost you will need to have a bat survey carried out to understand the effect the works would have on the bats. 

All species of bat and their breeding sites or resting places (roosts) are protected and it is an offence for anyone intentionally to kill, injure or handle a bat, to possess a bat (whether live or dead), disturb a roosting bat, or sell or offer a bat for sale without a licence.

It is also an offence to damage, destroy or obstruct access to any place used by bats for shelter, whether they are present or not.

It’s therefore vital that in planning any building or remedial work that you consider the possible of the presence of bats at an early stage, as the season when bat surveys can be carried out is limited.

Summer is the season when bats are breeding and is the appropiate time for a survey. So if you're planning any work on your community building now or in the next couple of years now is the time to consider having a bat survey carried out.

For more information on bats see Natural England’s website
Your local planning authority should be able to provide you with the contact details of local bat consultants.

The Bat Conservation Trust is also a useful source of information
Local Bat Groups can also provide use information about bats. To find your local bat group see