Changing Your Trustees

 If your Community Building Committee is a registered charity then it’s important that you tell the Charity Commission of changes to your charity's trustee body.

All charities should complete and return the Trustee Update form each year, ensuring that the details that the Charity Commission holds on the charity's trustees are correct.
The trustees are the people responsible under the charity's governing document for controlling the management and administration of the charity. This is very easy to do and there is a downloadable form available from the Charity Commission website HERE

If the Charity is also a limited company then you will also need to change the details with Companies House- Website 
We have also come across a community buildings committee where people are sitting on a committee taking part in decision making discussions, while not being included on the list of trustees. 

This can create problems and it’s important that people who are members of a committee are recorded as trustees with the Charity Commission.