Case Study: Wireless broadband in moorside villages

How one couple in a village near Thirsk have had their internet nightmares solved by community wireless broadband.

Lorraine and her husband have lived in Kepwick, a village in North Yorkshire, since May 2013. Lorraine previously worked as a social media manager before their move to the village. Due to lack of reliable broadband in the village she had to abandon this work. This is where Clannet came in. They supply broadband to Lorraine’s neighbours (in Kepwick ‘neighbours’ can be two miles apart) who recommended the service to Lorraine.

It took only two days from the initial phone call to get back online. After installation it is not costing Lorraine any more than her previous service and it’s working great! No more flashing lights on hubs, endless hours on hold to a call centre and no more “Page Not Found”.

Lorraine said: “We’d forgotten what it was like to press a button, click on a link and get to the right page without having to reboot a hub or wait while the dreaded circle spins round and round and round”

Nick Hall from Clannet said, “I was pleased when we got the call from Lorraine as she is exactly the kind of person we are in business to help. Discussing her situation on the phone it was obvious they were in urgent need as their service had been terminated and so I promised her priority. After an initial successful theoretical line of sight study we connected Lorraine a couple of days later.” 

Nick went on to say: “The moorside villages of Thirsk are badly affected by poor conventional broadband and we have found we are able to supply and achieve very high take up (80%) once the community  realises what we deliver. Lorraine heard about us from neighbours because we had just built a repeater for a single house way up a remote valley at Nether Silton. We also supply Over Silton, Nether Silton, Cowesby, Knayton, Kirby Sigston, Sowerby Under Cotcliffe, Cotcliffe Bank along to Borrowby,  Osgoodby, Little Thirkleby, Boltby and many remote farms and cottages  in the area.”

For more information on Clannet Broadband see or telephone 0845 5645256.