Broadband Development Worker

Andy Ryland is RAY’s Community Broadband Development Officer and he has been actively involved as part of the wider Superfast North Yorkshire (SFNY) Team supporting the roll-out of Superfast broadband.  Andy's time is focused on fixed wireless broadband, as this is relatively new to users in North Yorkshire.

Gradually, communities that are less likely to benefit from the BT roll-out, due to involved range of factors, are being provided with alternative solutions.  Here's an example of a community which Andy has been working with: the Dunsforth communities in Harrogate District.

Case study: Dunsforth, North Yorkshire
In the Dunsforth communities, in the Harrogate District, broadband speeds were as slow as 1mps.  Here LN Communications (trading as now provide a signal to a local repeater on the chimney of The Dunsforth pub, from where it is delivered to local properties.

The local community had been hoping for a BT solution.  However, as the Dunsforth communities are too far from the BT telephone cabinets to carry an effective signal along copper cables, and it was too expensive to provide fibre to individual premises, fixed wireless broadband was the best alternative solution and will deliver download speeds of 30Mbps.

Andy has been active in the local community attending parish meetings, designing and then distributing flyers to promote the arrival of Superfast Broadband.  As the technology is different to a BT service, many people have questions; “How does the technology work?”, “How is it installed?”,and “What is the cost?”  

To provide an opportunity to answer people’s questions, a broadband surgery was arranged in The Dunsforth pub. People came along with their questions and could see for themselves the operation of the technology.  It was a relaxing evening with representatives of LN Communications and the Superfast team answering questions and resulted in the majority of visitors asking to be connected to the service.

Further support from RAY in rural communities
Andy is now continuing his work in communities across the river Swale from the Dunsforths and is finding that many of the residents of Aldwark, Myton on Swale, Youlton and Flawith cannot wait to be connected.

He has also been meeting people at events such as livestock markets.  He particularly remembers the smile on one farmer’s face when she found she would be able to do business, complete Defra forms and watch TV online, without being reliant on a very slow telephone line.

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Ellingstring is a remote hamlet, high on a hill in stunningly beautiful Lower Wensleydale, part of the renowned North Yorkshire Dales. For many an ideal place to live, visit and stay but with one marked exception - poor broadband speed and reliability.  That changed in February 2015 when, through the tenacity of a local company, Ellingstring was given access to superfast broadband via fixed wireless technology.

Gerry Smith, a local resident for 16yrs, explains;