What is the Sustainable Communities Act? Free workshops for local communities.

The campaigning organisation Local Works is offering free workshops to community groups interested in finding out more about the Sustainable Communities Act.

The Sustainable Communities Act was passed in 2007 after an extensive campaign by a coalition of over 100 national organisations and thousands of individuals and community groups. It is designed to address the decline in local community services such as small Post Offices, pubs, independent shops, public transport, recreation facilities and so on. Its philosophy is that while local communities know best what services their area needs, sometimes they need central Government action to make it happen. The Act empowers local communities, in concert with their local council, to make proposals directly to central Government regarding new laws, funding, policies, or the remit of public bodies.

If your community might be interested in making use of the Sustainable Communities Act, free workshops are available from Local Works. Local Works is the group that was formed to campaign for the Act and which is now dedicated to ensuring that the Act is used to its full potential.

The training workshops are offered free of charge, and will cover the background of the Sustainable Communities Act and how it works; examples of communities that have already made use of it; how the Act might help in your own community; and the opportunity to discuss your options and ask questions. Local Works also offers a support service that you can use after the workshop has taken place.

To find out more about organising a workshop in your community, please contact Ameneh Eneyat, Outreach Officer at Local Works, by calling 020 7278 4443 or emailing ameneh.enayat@unlockdemocracy.org.uk

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