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Fuel poverty is very much at the top of the political agenda at present, not least due to the continuing steep price rises.  This has a detrimental effect to those living in rural areas and in particular where there is no access to mains gas. A new report produced by Boilerjuice in conjunction with the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) provides a quick and easy-to-digest look at what fuel poverty is and the impact it has today.

Find out more about saving energy, renewable technologies, grants, how to set up an oil buying co-operative and lots of ideas about how to save money and keep warm. Many of the resources below are produced or hosted by third-party organisations. RAY provides links to these in good faith but we cannot vouch for their accuracy. If you see a problem with something we have linked to here, please let us know!

At the bottom of the page you will find our oil-buying co-operative toolkit, which will guide you through the process of setting up a co-operative in your area to co-ordinate the purchase of heating oil and benefit from lower prices, along with other downloadable resources including the latest Community Energy Update from the Centre for Sustainable Energy, which includes the latest news, events and funding details for communities interested in generating their own energy.

Case study: setting up an oil buying co--operative.

Warmer homes: finding out about making energy efficiency improvements to your home.

Affordable warmth: what is fuel poverty? And what are the causes?

Rural affordable warmth: rural households are twice as likely as urban households to struggle to afford to heat their homes.

Green Deal: what you need to know about this Government scheme.

The Oil Tank Guide: how to use and look after your home's oil tank, courtesy of Centre Tank Services.

Paying for Energy: information about the support and protection available to people in difficulty with their fuel bills.  Read about the free Home Heat Helpline.

Switching supplier: savings can often be made by switching to a dfifferent electricity and/or gas supplier.

Maximising income: budgeting loans, crisis loans, Community Care Grants and other sources of help.

Health and Safety: what you need to know about carbon monoxide poisoning, gas leaks and annual checks.

Getting legal help: sources of advice if you are a tenant where you feel that the standards of hearing and insulation are inadequate.

Elderly, disabled and chronically sick: the services available through your energy supplier's Priority Service Register.

Oil-Buying Groups Best Practice Guide: provides practical information to help communities set up oil buying groups.

Mr Central Heating How-To Guides: guides on subjects such as reducing heating costs, getting a home energy efficiency report, and hot water safety.

KES Home Lighting Guides: information about cheaper, energy-efficient and eco-friendly ways to light your home.

Glossary: find out what Ofgem does, links to the Centre for Sustainable Energy and other useful website links.

Turn2us is running a Fuel Poverty Campaign with useful resources such as a Benefits Calculator, Grants Database and Which? Switch energy tariff comparison tool.

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