Community Buildings

There are 9000 village halls in England with a total asset value of more than £2.1 billion, representing the largest network of community-owned facilities in rural Britain.

The term “village hall” covers a range of rural buildings including church halls and community centres, in which a variety of community activity takes place. The key to the continuing survival of Britain’s village halls are the volunteer management committee who have to deal with an increasing burden of legislation yet, manage to keep their halls financially sustainable mostly by earning their own income and fundraising.

We believe that village and community buildings provide an extremely valuable community resource and that they lie at the heart of community life as a meeting place in which activities can take place. They provide vital and diverse support to improve quality of life, particularly for those who are least able to travel.

Rural Action Yorkshire supports all community buildings which are run for the benefit of their local community and can advise you on ways to improve the management of your building, or on a range of maintenance queries.

A wide range of resources to help with the smooth running of your Rural Community Building can be found on our Community Building Resources Page. Some of these resources are only available to RAY members - find out more about membership here.

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Read case studies from our Community Hubs project.

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It is highly likely that bats will be roosting in in some of the community buildings in Yorkshire. As bats are nocturnal you may not even realise that you have a bat roosting in your building. If you are planning any building or remedial work that affects a bat roost you will need to have a bat survey carried out to understand the effect the works would have on the bats. 

Ryedale Community Buildings Network Event with training on carrying out an energy review.

The Live Music Bill currently under consideration by Parliament is amendment to the Licensing Act 2003 with respect to live music. 

In many ways ancient buildings can be seen as either a great blessing from the past or a maintenance headache and a burden.

As part of a program of courses the Scargill Movement, based near Kettlewell in Upper Wharfedale, has organised a day conference focussing on Church buildings.

RAY have recently been working with rural community buildings committees to develop local networks.  Join us!

The Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has laid before Parliament draft license modifications which, subject to the Parliamentary process set out in

Are you thinking of organising a community celebration to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee or the 2012 Olympic Games? Both are great opportunities to bring your community together so get your creative hats on and start planning!

The owners of community buildings should be aware that, with the price of metal set to soar even higher, 2012 could be an even worse year for metal theft than 2011. The alarming facts show a dramatic increase in metal theft as the price of raw materials soared by 600% since 2006.

North Yorkshire County Council has been awarded funding to spearhead a campaign to reduce deaths caused by the cold weather and cold housing in the county.

It has been brought to our attention that some village hall’s are being charged for disposal of their waste under the classification of 'Trade Waste' which is incorrect.

The Government's Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) for non-domestic generators opened for applications on Monday, 28 November 2011.

Saltburn Methodist Hall is a nineteenth century community building situated in the heart of the seaside town of Saltburn. It is run by a small dedicated team of volunteers who work hard to ensure that the building meets the needs of a wide range of community groups and individuals in the area.

In helping to save the environment, the global problem of climate change needs to be addressed by all and community halls in rural areas are no exception.

If you're considering generating your own electricity using PV Panels, now is the time to decide!

Is your Committee concerned about rising ENERGY costs? 

Have you fixed your electricity and gas prices?

Have you seen the Community Buildings Reports?  ACRE has released the final two reports in a series of six which analyse data collected from 2,355 rural community buildings across England.

The long promised change in the payment for royalties on live and recorded music played at public events in community buildings takes effect from 1st January 2012.

RAY runs the Hallmark scheme which promotes the delivery of effective and well-managed village halls through a quality standards scheme which is backed up by a system of peer visitors.

We organise regular local training events for our members.  

Many of you already know that RAY provides dedicated support and advice for your community hall through one to one advice, training and support to community buildings committees. All this for just £35 per year!