Online Community Halls and Buildings Network is launched for North Yorkshire

As part of the North Yorkshire Rural Voice project to develop Community Halls and Buildings Networks an online network has been launched.

Using the Google Group application members of community halls and building committees can stay in touch with one another.

So far 82 people have signed up to the online Network.

Already members are asking each other for advice and information on managing and developing their community buildings.

So far questions and comments have covered areas such as air source heat pumps and hearing loops for people with a hearing impairment. It’s been good to see how people are freely sharing their skills and knowledge to assist others managing community buildings.

Membership of the Network is free and is restricted to members of management committees of community halls and buildings and staff of Rural Action Yorkshire and North Yorkshire Rural Voice.

To join the Network please email Andy Ryland at Rural Action Yorkshire, using the online form, which can be found HERE . You will need to identify, which North Yorkshire Community Building you represent