Case Studies

On this page you can find a range of case studies that cover RAY's work. We are in the processing of adding these so do bear with us!

Creating an Emergency Plan and becoming a Resilient Community

As part of our winter weather work, RAY talks to Andy at Burton-in-Lonsdale, who has created a detailed emergency plan for his community to use. The adoption of a plan not only means that a community is prepared for any eventuality, it also assists the emergency services to carry out their jobs more effectively and efficiently. Read more...

52 (Almost) Painless Things Your Community Can Do

Our ongoing 52 Things campaign has a plethora of ideas for you to choose from in order to kickstart new initiatives in your village. We have direct interviews with those who have already carried out some of these projects, such as setting up a local history group, running a festival, conducting a community survey, opening a pop-up restaurant and creating a new oil co-operative. Check out the campaign and the case studies here...

Writing a Community Led Plan 

Hovingham and Scakleton were assisted by RAY to create a community plan, and this is the difference it has made. Read more...

The arrival of Superfast Broadband to rural communities 

Living rurally means that you may have poor broadband speeds and availability. This directly impacts on the ways you conduct your business, your social life, and entertainment. Connectivity is one of the main stumbling blocks in putting rural areas on an equal footing with their urban counterparts. Superfast wireless broadband means this is all changing - read more...

Defeating connection issues in Lower Wensleydale

At least one house sale fell through due to poor broadband speeds in Lower Wensleydale. Such problems are in the past thanks to new wireless technology. Read more...

Wireless Broadband enables professional photographer to work easily from home

Previous to being connected to a Superfast wireless network, movement of hefty photo files via email and the Internet was a significantly stressful task for Kate Abbey, based in rural Greenhow. Read more...

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A closer look at how the team at Kirkby Fleetham Village Hall in Hambleton went about improving and expanding their community building.

Previous to being connected to a Superfast wireless network, movement of hefty photo files via email and the Internet was a significantly stressful task for Kate Abbey, based in rural Greenhow. 

Ellingstring is a remote hamlet, high on a hill in stunningly beautiful Lower Wensleydale, part of the renowned North Yorkshire Dales. For many an ideal place to live, visit and stay but with one marked exception - poor broadband speed and reliability.  That changed in February 2015 when, through the tenacity of a local company, Ellingstring was given access to superfast broadband via fixed wireless technology.

Case Study: Burton in Lonsdale Community Resilience Plan
Project: Craven Winter Weather
March 2015
Rural Action Yorkshire

Knowing what to do when an emergency strikes can be a vital asset for any community, and when your location is rural or isolated, and you are further away from immediate help, having a plan in place can have significant benefits.

Applying for an Awards for All (A4A) grant is a straightforward and easy way of reinvigorating your community, funding a new project, and engaging with volunteers, ideas and knowledge on a local level. A4A is known for being user-friendly and is inspirational for kick-starting communities.

It is a well-known fact that living rurally can mean higher fuel prices, higher bills, and a higher cost of living. Where villages are situated off the mains gas grid and are geographically-isolated, heating homes can become a major issue during the winter months, when oil prices increase as the temperatures drop.

A ‘hub’ suggests bustling activity, positive energy, and plenty of laughter – it is the focal and central point of a community which brings everyone together. So why not create your own?

A very unique and innovative idea that community buildings could try their hand at is “pop-up restaurants.”

They are as their name implies – a restaurant-style evening that caters for up to 60 people, perhaps with a themed cuisine, and opens up overnight in a space not generally used for such a purpose.

A very successful example of this in action can be found at Masham Town Hall in North Yorkshire, where the small community of 1200 people have so far been treated to 3 of these exceptional evenings.

Not being a technophile, Jim Hope who lives near Skipton, stubbornly persisted with his original service provider as he feared any change would cause as many problems as it solved.”  In any case, being located at the far edge of a telephone exchange area, and no other link installed, I didn't see how the situation could be improved.  But as websites became more complex and images more detailed, using the internet became more and more frustrating.

How one couple in a village near Thirsk have had their internet nightmares solved by community wireless broadband.

Saltburn Methodist Hall is a nineteenth century community building situated in the heart of the seaside town of Saltburn. It is run by a small dedicated team of volunteers who work hard to ensure that the building meets the needs of a wide range of community groups and individuals in the area.

A South Yorkshire community benefitting from a major reburbishment of their community centre.
Learn how a Community Plan made a difference.
Remote rural communities in Swaledale use a new videolink which allowed them to access services in a new way.