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Emergency Planning

Helping communities in areas at risk of extreme weather events plan for the worst

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North Yorkshire Voluntary Sector Support

Information about our merger with North Yorkshire and York Forum and the voluntary sector support service the new organisation will deliver

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Howardian Hills AONB

RAY works in partnership with the Howardian Hills AONB to support communities in this beautiful part of Yorkshire.

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Community Led Housing

Community-led housing allows people and communities to lead in providing their own affordable housing solutions

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Kirklees Men's Sheds

Details of our project supporting the development of Men's Sheds in Kirklees

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Details of LEADER rural funding projects in our region

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Leeds Community Connect

Reducing social isolation and loneliness in North East Leeds

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Case Studies

Case Studies from RAY

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Digital Skills

Basic online skills training to help people in rural communities access services and stay connected

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RAY Energy Switch Service

RAY's partnership with LSI Utilities Brokers to bring the best prices on gas and electricity to our members and supporters

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Evidencing Rural Need

Providing access to the datasets created by ACRE, ACRE network members and OCSI

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Localism Act

Empowering communities to get involved in local decisions.

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Broadband has become an essential part of life, so lack of access is a real issues for the communities it affects.

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Community Led Planning

Community Led Planning is a great way to encourage community spirit and action.

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Neighbourhood Planning

Neighbourhood Planning is a new right for communities which came into force in April 2012.

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Participatory Budgeting

Participatory budgeting is a process which allows members of a community to participate in making spending decisions about local things.

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Community Buildings

Community Buildings are a valuable resource and RAY provides support and advice to management committees.

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Fuel and Energy

News and resources for tackling energy efficiency and fuel poverty.

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Affordable Housing

Rural communities need affordable housing so that local people can stay in their own community.

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Transport & Services

Rural areas need access to transport and to services.

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