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Previous to being connected to a Superfast wireless network, movement of hefty photo files via email and the Internet was a significantly stressful task for Kate Abbey, based in rural Greenhow. 

Ellingstring is a remote hamlet, high on a hill in stunningly beautiful Lower Wensleydale, part of the renowned North Yorkshire Dales. For many an ideal place to live, visit and stay but with one marked exception - poor broadband speed and reliability.  That changed in February 2015 when, through the tenacity of a local company, Ellingstring was given access to superfast broadband via fixed wireless technology.

The Rural Services Network, a coalition of 260 member organisations, has published a comprehensive Manifesto for Rural England, calling on the next Government to take on a programme of action which would address the needs of rural communities across all departments and not leave it to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs alone.

Not being a technophile, Jim Hope who lives near Skipton, stubbornly persisted with his original service provider as he feared any change would cause as many problems as it solved.”  In any case, being located at the far edge of a telephone exchange area, and no other link installed, I didn't see how the situation could be improved.  But as websites became more complex and images more detailed, using the internet became more and more frustrating.

A redundant water tower at Lovesome Hill four miles north of Northallerton is being born again as a transmitter for superfast wireless broadband. Rural Action Yorkshire's Community Broadband Development Officer, Andy Ryland, reports.

How one couple in a village near Thirsk have had their internet nightmares solved by community wireless broadband.