Touchstones Tips

Here's our collection of the most useful things we learned during the Touchstones project. You have the option of downloading the original Touchstones Tips booklet we created, or the more printer-friendly PDF versions which can be found in the attachments below.

Everyone who participated in Touchstones contributed their own skills, ideas, memories and enthusiasm.

We hope you can take part in our Rural Skill Share and use some of these tips to help you teach someone a new skill.

Download Touchstones Tips.

The attachments are titled by their content to make them easier to identify, and range from using herbs and spices in cooking, to getting online for the first time, to staying safe at home alone, and to learning what checks to carry out on your car. Have a look below & see what you can learn today, or help somebody else to learn in your community.

File 1 Saving Energy.pdf832.41 KB
File 2 Herbs and Spices.pdf830.63 KB
File 3 Car Maintenance.pdf828.88 KB
File 4 Computer Tips.pdf834.49 KB
File 5 Healthy Eating.pdf833.84 KB
File 6 Household Tips.pdf830.6 KB
File 7 Wellbeing Five a Day.pdf835.13 KB
File 8 Living Alone.pdf833.09 KB