Touchstones case studies

Welcome to our collection of case studies for the Touchstones project.

Here are some of the people who have taken part in Touchstones: the beneficiaries, the volunteers and other people who have helped to make it all happen.

Read more about the project's stories by visiting our blog or reading the Touchstones Story booklet.

We hope that reading their stories will inspire you to share a skill with someone -anything from cooking to sending emails.


Bill's video about the new activities he has enjoyed with Touchstones

Maurice and his love of food!

Alma added to her cooking skills with new ideas.

Chef Richard's video about sharing his skills with one of the Touchstones groups

Colin, one of our volunteers, had this to say about his time with the group


Margaret describes how the car workshop has been useful

Sue explains how Touchstones has helped her re-build her confidence (case study on the Big Lottery Fund's blog) 

Jackie: one of Touchstones' fantastic volunteers

Ella talks about losing her husband 7 years ago and the benefits of getting out and about again

Christine gives an insight into volunteering with the group in Wakefield


Joan and Vicki describe what the group has meant to them

Stuart and Julia provide their personal Touchstones journeys so far

Jill, a volunteer, talks about the effect Touchstones has had on her life and the lives of others

Marilyn shares her story of coming to the Touchstones project and the benefits it has had for her so far.