Network of Community Libraries in N.Yorks

Is your library/centre interested in being part of a Network of Community Libraries in North Yorkshire?  If you may be interested please get in touch.

At Rural Action Yorkshire (RAY) we are now able to offer some support in setting up such a network – real and virtual – through the Active Communities Fund.

You may have been at the Community Library conference we organised in September 2012, when we were told by community library groups that there is a need for an independent network of community libraries enabling mutual support between groups.  This message also came out at a library event run by North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) in March 2013.

Community Libraries were emailed in May - June 2013 about the proposed network, with an initial meeting on 17th July 2013.  At this meeting a Steering Group was formed to establish the network, to  look into ways of networking, and to plan for a big Community Library event in September.  We are inviting volunteers from community libraries in North Yorkshire to come to the event.

RAY will from June to September 2013:

-  Set up a dedicated website and forum to enable networking
-  Set up Steering Group (SG) meetings
-  Work with the SG to run a Community Libraries event in September 2013
-  Launch the website with training at the September meeting

The Steering Group  will:

-  Guide the process of developing the networks to be useful to community libraries
-  Help communication between community libraries and other relevant organisations
-  Look into ways of continuing networking from October 2013.

Do let us know if you/your organisation may like to be involved, and do email or phone if you have any queries about this project.
We welcome suggestions and ideas.

If you are interested in becoming part of this network then contact Tess McMahon, the Community Hubs Development Officer, on 0845 313 0270 or via email.