Supporting Community Broadband

Work is well underway across North Yorkshire to develop a “pioneering, multimillion pound network transforming North Yorkshire’s broadband speeds by end of 2014”.

By the end of 2014, 90% of premises (i.e. homes and businesses) in North Yorkshire should have access to fibre broadband, bringing faster and more reliable access to the internet. To see if you are part of this role our check the maps which can be found here:

But the technological challenges and expense involved mean that there will still be areas that are not reached.

In these areas, Community Broadband schemes are emerging to bring next generation broadband to the remaining 10% of the county.

For more infomation on Community Broadband Schemes check here:

To register your interest and to be kept up to date with the role our of superfast broadband in North Yorkshire Click Here 

Funding from Superfast North Yorkshire is enabling RAY to offer support to Community Broadband schemes. With this funding, we have been able to appoint a part time development worker,  Andy Ryland (until 31 March 2015) who will be able to work with  Community Broadband schemes, and the Community Internet Service Providers (CISPs).  To contact Andy Click HERE

Working in partnership with Superfast North Yorkshire; and the District Councils, the project aims to enhance the capacity of local communities and CISPs to ensure high quality broadband access in the county.

Extension to the Rural Community Broadband Fund: new deadline.