Your views on Community Rights needed for Parliamentary report

The Communities and Local Government Parliamentary Select Committee has launched an inquiry into the use of Community Rights and whether the legislation behind them is operating effectively. Rural Action Yorkshire is asking for the communities in our area to let us know their thoughts so that we can ensure the rural perspective is heard by this inquiry. The deadline for letting us know your views is Friday 22 August 2014 so that we and our parent organisation ACRE have time to submit a response before the Inquiry deadline of Thursday 4 September.

The Community Rights were introduced by the current Government in the Localism Act 2011. In summary they are:

  • the Community Right to Challenge;
  • the Community Right to Bid;
  • the Community Right to Build; and
  • the Community Right to Reclaim Land.

The Committee wants to hear from interested parties on the operation of these rights and the progress made in allowing and encouraging communities to use these powers. It would particularly like to hear the responses of community groups to these questions:

  • What evidence is there that communities are aware of these rights and are using them?
  • If communities are not using the rights, what is the reason?
  • How successful communities are in using them to achieve their objectives?
  • How helpful is the guidance and assistance that has been made available to communities and local authorities to help them use and understand community rights?
  • What more, if anything, might be required to encourage more widespread use of these rights?

Rural Action Yorkshire needs to hear from community groups in our area so that we can feed into a nationwide response being prepared by our parent organisation, Action With Community in Rural England (ACRE). By collecting reponses in this way we can ensure that the rural perspective is loudly heard by the Committee as they consider the evidence.

We are looking at setting up a short survey to make it as easy as possible to let us know your views - watch this space for news when that is launched. In the meantime if you would like to get in touch on this subject or want to know any more about the Inquiry or Community Rights please send us an email or give us a call on 0845 3130270 - ask for James or Tina. We would be grateful if you could contact us before Friday 22 August to give us plenty of time to include your views in our collective response.

You can read more about the Inquiry on the Parliament website. You may of course choose to submit your opinions directly to the Committee rather than via Rural Action Yorkshire, in which case the deadline is Thursday 4 September. We would be very grateful if you could send us a copy of your submission to keep us in touch with your views.