Water tower to distribute superfast wireless broadband

A redundant water tower at Lovesome Hill four miles north of Northallerton is being born again as a transmitter for superfast wireless broadband. Rural Action Yorkshire's Community Broadband Development Officer, Andy Ryland, reports.

Through the Superfast North Yorkshire project, around 90% of properties in North Yorkshire will be able to receive superfast broadband by October 2014, thanks to a partnership between North Yorkshire County Council and BT. However, the final 10% of the population living in remote locations further away from an enabled BT cabinet are not able to receive superfast broadband through their telephone line. 

The good news is that, increasingly, the final 10% can be reached using innovative technologies such as fixed wireless broadband. Fixed wireless distributes broadband to individual properties using high frequency radio waves. This is where the Lovesome Hill Water Tower (pictured) is to play its strategic role. 

CLANNET Broadband, also a partner of Superfast North Yorkshire, is going to use the tower to distribute superfast wireless broadband to any property in its line of sight. Being able to see the tower is vital as the high frequency radio waves the wireless technology uses are easily blocked by obstacles such as hills or buildings. 

Nick Hall, a Director of CLANNET Broadband, said, “Many people living in remote locations are frustrated that they won’t be able to get broadband via their telephone line. I am delighted that we are going to be able to bring them superfast wireless broadband thanks to our use of the water tower as a relay station.”

Superfast broadband is particularly important for members of the farming community who have to complete DEFRA forms, and for people working from home. Young people are also reliant on a good connection to research school and college projects and to network with friends. For anyone else the ability to catch up on TV programmes they have missed with services such as the BBC iPlayer will be a dream.

Anyone interested in receiving superfast wireless broadband from CLANNET should contact Nick Hall on 0845 564 5256 or visit www.clannet.co.uk

To help eligible businesses in North Yorkshire take advantage of the faster broadband speeds a support service has been put in place to provide free training workshops, skills master classes and business development events. For more information call 0845 0020021 or email: enquiries@sfny.co.uk.

For further information on the Superfast North Yorkshire programme visit www.superfastnorthyorkshire.com