Rural lifeline: Revisited report review

Involve Yorkshire and Humber have just released their Rural lifeline: Revisited report. This report is an update on the review of rural poverty in Yorkshire and how the Community and Voluntary sector (CVS) deals with the poverty conducted in 2011.

From the review in 2011 it was predicted that in rural communities there would be ‘hardship, struggle and deprivation’ and this has been highlighted in the recent review. The main findings from the review were:

  • Rural poverty has increased over the past 2 years
  • The assumption of the ‘rural ideal’ has masked the problem of rural poverty
  • Traditional pride in rural self-reliance is increasingly taking second place to need.

According to the report some of the main reasons why rural poverty has increased over the past few years are:

  • Rising fuel prices – this means that people sometimes have to choose between heating their house and eating.
  • Rural resident have always had to travel a further distance to get to vital services and the increase in the cost of fuel has enhanced that problem.

This has increase a need for food banks to be opened up in rural locations and VCO’s seeing an increase in the demand for their services as the government is cutting funding to rural services.

This report highlights the need for VCO’s to keep running as they claim that they ‘essential to individuals and communities in rural areas’. If you would like to read the report in full please click here.