Residents of two Ryedale Parishes urged to respond to housing needs survey

Residents in the Ryedale parishes of Sheriff Hutton and Scagglethorpe are being urged to take part in a survey to establish the need for affordable housing in the area. Ryedale District Council says that without evidence of local need, affordable housing schemes cannot be built.

The Council are keen to hear from those who currently live in the Parishes but who are in need of new housing and feel they might be forced to move away because they cannot afford to buy or rent locally. People who have already moved away from the areas to find affordable housing are also welcome to take part in the surveys.

The need for affordable housing in rural areas was highlighted earlier this year. Derek Long, head of the Northern region of the National Housing Federation, highlighted concerns about the lack of affordable homes in rural areas in a report launched during Northern Rural Housing Week. He said, "Rural communities in Ryedale are under threat due to a lack of affordable housing. Families who have lived in the countryside for generations are being priced out. They need new affordable housing or they will have no choice but to move away to urban areas. Hundreds of village shops, pubs and schools are closing year on year. Social housing is a key way to keep local families in villages and ensure rural communities stay alive.”

Anyone wishing to take part in the surveys should contact Colin Huby, the Ryedale rural housing enabler at Ryedale District Council, Ryedale House, Malton, YO17 7ZH to obtain a questionnaire. He can also be contacted by calling 01653 600666 extension 354 or via email: