New guide to help communities protect local services launched

At a time when public bodies are looking to work more closely with communities to enable services to continue to be provided, a new guide has been launched that can help local people to manage the delivery of important local services. The report draws on experiences from the Active Communities project, a partnership between North Yorkshire County Council and community organisation, including RAY.

Local people running local public services

‘Communities Taking Control’ is a handy document which draws on the experiences of local people to demonstrate how community groups can run services for themselves. As a guide, it can steer you through some of the pitfalls to taking on, running and enhancing a local service.

‘Communities Taking Control’ has been written as part of the Active Communities programme, a partnership between voluntary and community groups, and North Yorkshire County Council. Active Communities encouraged local people in towns and villages all over North Yorkshire to get together and take charge of services such as libraries, business centres and heritage projects. The County Council funded support for these groups which are now looking forward to a long-term, sustainable and independent future. 

Practical help to running a public service

‘Communities Taking Control’ includes a number of case studies, giving good examples of the issues faced by local communities as they developed their services. It gives clear advice to local people in North Yorkshire who may be looking to take ownership of local services, including:

  • how to plan and prepare
  • how to negotiate with the Local Authority
  • how to work with volunteers
  • how local ownership can bring social benefits to the local area

You can download the 'Communities Taking Control' report using the link below.

File Communities Taking Control July 14.pdf2.71 MB