Marketing guidance for community groups

Details of our own marketing toolkit for community groups and village halls, along with details of other marketing resources that might be of use.

Latest update: 25 July 2016 - Community Catalyst Marketing for Community Enterprises guide added.

The Rural Voice project worked with Insight Best Practice to create a marketing toolkit for community groups and village halls.

The guide takes you through the key aspects of marketing, from understanding your customers to launching a campaign.  Choose from the PDF documents below -which contain worksheets too- and the Powerpoint files (with audio).  All of these resources are intended for committees or small groups to work on together.

The resource is meant to be a journey where each section builds on the previous section. However, it is perfectly possible to just select the sections most relevant to you (such as the marketing promotional activities in Section 4) and to ignore the others.

On the other hand, the advantage of working through the whole workshop is that the initial steps will help you to understand exactly who you are trying to reach, what you are trying to influence them to do and therefore how to make sure your marketing actually works.

Some examples used are from the business world. However, the basic principles of marketing apply to community and social enterprises as well as businesses, and work the same whether you are trying to influence customers, volunteers, donors, members or users.

The journey is:

Section 1 - the Market
Understanding exactly what marketing is, what needs you are satisfying, and who you are trying to reach and influence.

Section 2 - Marketing Analysis
Reviewing some of the tools used to gain a greater understanding of the challenges, issues and opportunities facing you.

Section 3 - Marketing Ideas
The 4+3 Ps, which is a mnemonic for thinking about what you do and making sure it is relevant to your audience. It includes AIDA, a model of behaviour, and the customer lifecycle. Although these use the words ‘consumer’ and ‘customer’ the principles apply to any audience that you are working with.

Section 4 - Marketing Communications
The basic principles of communications, and specific ideas you can implement to achieve your goals.

Short on time? Read our one page guide to Marketing basics. RAY members can also find our guide to Twitter on the Members' Resources page.

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