Funding news and resources

Information about funding opportunities that might be of interest to our members and other community groups in rural Yorkshire is posted on this page. However, RAY does not provide a financial or funding advice service. For more in-depth funding advice and support contact:

  • Funding Central: A database of over 4,000 grants, loans and contract opportunities for voluntary and charitable organisations, maintained by the National Council for Voluntary Organisations and funded by the Cabinet Office. Registration is free and you can sign up to receive regular email alerts on subject areas tailored to your areas of interest.
  • York and North Yorkshire Forum Funding Advice: The Forum produces a monthly report listing new funding opportunities in North Yorkshire (which we link to from the Funding Bulletins page below). Visit this website to sign up to receive your own copy. You can also find out who is the designated funding advice organisation for your area of North Yorkshire from here.
  • South Yorkshire Funding Advice Bureau (SYFAB): Have a searchable database of funders and a regular e-newsletter with latest funding details. They also run a wide range of training events and workshops.
  • bFunded is a website aimed at groups looking for funding in the Bradford District, but includes details of funding opportunities available across Yorkshire.
  • Doing Good in Leeds maintains a directory of funding sources available to charities and community groups in the Leeds area.
  • Kirklees4Funding offers a searchable database of funding sources and provides a regular funding news email bulletin.
  • GrantFinder provides access to a comprehensive database of funding opportunities for businesses, community organisations, charities and more, as well as information about training and advice services. There is a charge to subscribe, but the service offers an initial free of charge funding needs assessment as a first step. Some local authorities have their own subscription that they make available to groups in their area, so check with your local council first.
  • Community Foundations are charities which provide grant and loan funding to community groups and projects for a variety of purposes, often administering grant funds on behalf of other organisations. Foundations operating in our area are: Two Ridings Community Foundation (North and East Yorkshire, York, Hull); South Yorkshire Community Foundation (all South Yorkshire local government areas); One Community (Kirklees); Leeds Community Foundation (Leeds and Bradford); CFFC (Calderdale).
  • Fit4funding: This funding support and training charity has unfortunately closed as of June 2015, but its website is still active and contains lots of useful information and advice.
  • The website Turn2Us has a database of over 3,000 charitable funds. Most are aimed at individuals in need but some are available to community groups.
  • LEADER 2014-2020. The LEADER programme offers grants for rural businesses and community groups across rural England. Funding is administered by Local Action Groups who direct funding according to local priorities within the framework of the national Rural Development Programme. To find out more and to get the details of your Local Action Group read more elsewhere on the RAY website.

The information on this page is frequently updated and we recommend that you bookmark it and return to see what new additions have been made. It will also be highlighted in our monthly eBulletin, which you can sign up to receive here.

We keep an eye out for newsletters and bulletins produced by funding advice organisations and post copies of them on our Funding Bulletins page.

We also list any training courses, information events and conferences aimed at supporting community organisations with their funding on our Events Calendar.


  • NCVO and JustGiving have joined forces to create a new online hub for digital fundraising, full of resources aimed at helping charities to improve their online fundraising, organised great fundraising events, make better use of social media, and more.
  • Knowing how deprived your local community is in national terms can be helpful when making a funding bid. The Church and Community Fund has produced a handy spreadsheet you can use to find out exactly where your Parish ranks. Scroll to the attachments section at the bottom of this page to download it.
  • More detailed statistical information about your community that would be useful in putting together a funding bid can be obtained from our Evidencing Rural Need project. Access to reports is free for Rural Action Yorkshire members, or purchased individually. See the Evidencing Rural Need page on our website for full details.
  • The Department of Communities and Local Government has produced an interactive map which enables you to find out where your community ranks in the nationwide Index of Multiple Deprivation. The map can also show where communities rank on the individual elements of the Index, such as Crime, Education, Environment, Income and Housing. Try it out here to find out where your community ranks - the results could form a vital element of your project funding bid!
  • The Institute of Fundraising has launched a new guide to choosing which platforms to use for online fundraising. You can download the guide for free from the IoF website.
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Funding Stories

Regular funding bulletins issued by the North Yorkshire and York Forum (NYYF), our parent organisation Action with Communities in Rural England (ACRE), and other organisations will be posted here. Bulletins feature a range of funding opportunities for community buildings, charities, and voluntary organisations. Most of the funding opportunities listed in the North Yorkshire bulletin are available to other parts of Yorkshire. Bookmark this page and check back regularly for the latest updates!

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