This area of the website has all you need to get started on a new project, or get you back on track if you're struggling. Further resources that are only available to RAY members can be found on the Members' Resources page. You will need to be a RAY member and logged into the website to access this link. Click on the 'Membership' section of the menu at the top of this page to find out more about becoming a RAY member.

Resources for rural community buildings can be found on their own page. Many of these are only available to RAY members.

Our extensive range of rural data reports, which was created in partnership between ACRE (our parent organisation) and its members, can be used to inform your organisation's priorities, project design and funding bids. RAY members can access a number of the reports free of charge and purchase others at a discounted rate. Non-members can purchase a limited number of reports or negotiate access to more on a case-by-case basis. For full details of the reports available and how to access them visit the Evidencing Rural Needs project page.

In addition to our how-to guides below, there are also plenty of case studies where you can get inspired by someone else's story.  If someone else has already tackled it, we hope you can learn from it too.  And please share your achievements with us; we'd love to feature your story online.

There are also other resource pages: find the topic you are interested in under 'Our Work' or 'Projects'.  This is where we've grouped more specific guides, toolkits and links.

Our Marketing toolkit can be found on its own page - this comprehensive four-part package and presentation takes you through every stage of marketing a project or activity, from identifying your market to developing and publishing publicity materials.

The Government has created a page where all documents relating to the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), which has replaced CRB checks for people working with vulnerable adults and children, can be found in one place.

Charity media company Civil Society Media have created a series of short guides to common issues that confront charity Trustees. Read more about the guides and how to get your copy here.

Community Matters, the national Federation of Community Organisations, has created new guides covering Trustee Liability and Volunteer Insurance. Download from the links below or direct from the Community Matters website.

New resources

Added 25 July 2016: The Charity IT Association has created a new website, IT Help for Charities, offering a range of volunteer-led services to help Registered Charities make the most of computers and digital technology.

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