PRESS RELEASE 15/1/2015: Funding and dementia awareness training made available for Kirklees to stem flow of public cuts

VOLUNTEER-LED organisations across Kirklees are being offered free training and workshops to counter the effects of increased austerity measures across the county.

Training on offer is for successful funding applications, and workshops around becoming dementia-friendly. These are open to voluntary and charitable groups, and businesses and individuals across Holme and Colne Valleys. Rural Action Yorkshire (RAY) will be offering the training alongside Kirklees Dementia Action Alliance (KDAA) and will be funded by Kirklees Council.

In the midst of growing cuts, there is an increased need to address gaps in support and provision, and funding is a key concern. Groups can come along to free workshops in February and April, which will be led by experienced fundraiser and consultant Nick Scott, of RAY.

“My training will include a variety of tips and tricks, do’s and don’ts, and will look at where to look for funding, why applications fail, and the different ways of raising funds,” Nick says.

Furthermore, communities and businesses can access dementia awareness workshops in March. These will look at increasing awareness of dementia and making small changes to accommodate those living with the condition.

Tina Chamberlain, of RAY, says: “Dementia is a rapidly-growing health concern and these workshops, in partnership with KDAA, will utilise dementia guides and offer practical sessions to show how you can support those with dementia to live well and without discrimination.

“There will be simple tips and expert advice on-hand from KDAA. Activists, businesses large or small, and charities are all welcome.”

Information on the events, taking place from February-April in Longwood, Slaithwaite, Honley and Meltham, can be found on the Rural Action Yorkshire website or by calling 0845 313 0270.

Tina says, “This will be a great way to get ahead of the game in the current economic climate, encourage the sustainability of the voluntary sector, and also ensure that services continue to exist and improve across Kirklees.”



Editor’s Notes

Media contact: 

Candice Dowson, Marketing & PR Officer, Rural Action Yorkshire tel. 0845 313 0270.

We would be interested in a staff photographer attending one of the events.

Rural Action Yorkshire

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