18/11/2013 Press Release: Touchstones holds second car workshop

Older drivers in rural parts of Wakefield have another chance to brush up on their confidence under the car bonnet, as part of a drive by the Touchstones project to keep them safer on the roads this winter.

Touchstones has already held a workshop about car basics, but such was its popularity that a further session is being held on 4th December.  It is aimed at bereaved older people who rely on using a car to access shopping, medical appointments and make social visits, with the aim of teaching them basic checks such as oil, water, but also advice on useful kit to carry in bad weather.

Cynthia is one of the Touchstones volunteers in Wakefield and she went along to the last car workshop.  Cynthia said “at the October session we had lots of people from the Crigglestone area.  Many older people use the bus to travel around to access the local shop, doctor’s and pub, but some areas only have a service every two hours and there is nothing in the evening.  There are people who own cars, but who are less sure about using them in icy weather, or know whether their tyres look safe”.

One of Touchstones’ main aims is to reduce loneliness and isolation and for some of the participants, getting out and about is an important step forward following a bereavement.  Sue’s husband talked to her about paying the bills once he became ill, but following his death she lost a lot of confidence and stopped leaving the house. 

With support from her local Touchstones group, Sue started attending sessions and has enjoyed the cookery and gardening classes and attends regularly.  She found the car session particularly useful “I do need my car to get around, even just for simple things like picking up medication from the chemist or paying bills”.

The next car maintenance workshop is being held on Wednesday 4th December at 2pm, at Tony’s Auto Repairs on Agbrigg Road.  It is part of a series of winter-themed sessions for Touchstones.  On Wednesday 18th December there will be a session at the Hall Green Community Centre about using Skype for Christmas greetings to family.

Touchstones is a project working with bereaved older people in Harrogate, Craven and Wakefield and is a partnership between Rural Action Yorkshire and Age UK.  It is funded by the Big Lottery Silver Dreams Fund.  Places on the car maintenance workshop are free, but must be booked.  Contact 01977 552114 or email libbyeades@ageukwd.prg.uk



Editor’s notes

Media contact:

Rebecca Craven, Rural Action Yorkshire, 0845 313 0270.


Rural Action Yorkshire

Based at Askham Bryan, near York, RAY is one of 37 Rural Community Councils in England.  It is an independent charitable and voluntary organisation working across rural areas of North, South and West Yorkshire and the City of York, to help communities improve the quality of life for all people living and working in rural Yorkshire. Key work includes:

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Touchstones runs from September 2012 until February 2014 and is funded by the Big Lottery and the Daily Mail.  It supports bereaved older people who have lost a partner.

For the latest project updates, read the blog on RAY’s website, or follow @RAYTouchstones