07/05/2013 Press Release: RAY ready to help communities access Neighbourhood Planning funding

Rural Action Yorkshire is ready to help communities across North, South and West Yorkshire to tap into the £9.5m funding pot launched by the Government on May 1 for Neighbourhood Plans.

Neighbourhood Planning enables communities to shape the future of their area, within certain limits. Residents can decide on where they want new homes and shops to be built and what they want them to look like.

The concept was introduced under the Localism Act in 2011 and now DCLG (Department for Communities and Local Government) has made funding available of up to £7,000 per community to help them draw up their plans.

Communities will be able to apply for grants and support from a number of organisations working with nationwide charity Locality.

Information is available via a website, My Community Rights, which offers advice and links to support and guidance for Neighbourhood Planning and other localism rights. http://mycommunityrights.org.uk/

ACRE (Action with Communities in Rural England), the national umbrella organisation for England’s 38 county-based rural community councils (RCCs), says its network (which includes RAY) is ready to help communities make the most of the money available.

Around 200 communities are already up and running as Neighbourhood Planning ‘frontrunners’, with more than 50% supported in getting their plan under way by their local RCCs.

Tina Chamberlain, Acting Chief Officer at Rural Action Yorkshire said: “The DCLG funding is great news for communities who are in a position to access the monies that are available. With up to £7,000 available per community it demonstrates the Government’s commitment to establishing ‘localism’ as the norm.

 “The longstanding experience of RAY in helping rural communities to develop Parish Plans and the more holistic Community-Led Plans, means we are ahead of the game and will be the natural port of call for many rural communities wanting to develop a Neighbourhood Plan.

“Communities in rural areas will be able to call upon the help of their trusted Rural Community Council (RAY) to submit an application for the grants available. RAY and the rest of our network are independent charitable bodies with a very long history of ‘being there’ for rural communities. None of us are ‘flown in’ consultants and really do know the people and the area we both live and work in.

Nick Chase, Director of Policy and Research at ACRE added:  “Rural Community Councils will be able to help Parish Councils and communities through the process so that their Plans can stand up to the consultation, inspection and referenda stages.”

Communities who want to develop a Neighbourhood Plan can contact Rural Action Yorkshire on 0845 313 0270 or visit our website www.ruralyorkshire.org.uk



Editor’s Notes

Media contacts: 

Rebecca Craven, Marketing Officer, Rural Action Yorkshire tel 0845 313 0270.

Claire McGine, Communications Manager, ACRE tel 01285 653477


Rural Action Yorkshire

Based at Askham Bryan, near York, RAY is one of 38 Rural Community Councils in England.  It isan independent charitable and voluntary organisation working across rural areas of North, South and West Yorkshire and the City of York, to help communities improve the quality of life for all people living and working in rural Yorkshire. Key work includes:

* Providing advice and grant support for sustainable multi-use community buildings, which can act as a focal point for village services

* Helping local communities carry out community led plans, which identify the strengths and weaknesses of village life and plan how the local community sees future development taking place

RAY and the other rural community councils in England form the Rural Community Action Network (RCAN). ACRE is the umbrella body.


Find Rural Action Yorkshire online at www.ruralyorkshire.org.ukand twitter.com/ruralyorkshire, facebook.com/ruralactionyorkshire


More details about ACRE and the RCAN network at www.acre.org.uk