Wireless Broadband enables professional photographer to work easily from home

Overview and Background:

Previous to being connected to a Superfast wireless network, movement of hefty photo files via email and the Internet was a significantly stressful task for Kate Abbey, based in rural Greenhow. 

The approach: 

Kate works as a photographer all over the UK, but bases her business from her office in rural Greenhow, North Yorkshire.

An average commissioned day would see her shooting 1,000 images, many of which have to be uploaded that evening as low resolution versions for the client to make a selection the following day.

Once selected the small handful of shots (each can be processed to be as much as 150mb) will be worked on and retouched, by Kate herself or retouchers in London before the final images are uploaded for the client to access.

Previous to being connected to LN Communications’ wireless network, movement of these hefty files was pretty stressful. Setting workflows to upload overnight, checking first thing to see they had gone through, or finding errors had happened as the low internet signal dipped, and hence corrupted the transfer, all added unnecessary pressure on an already challenging work life.

The outcome: 

Along came LN Communications and Kate can now upload her images instantly and the reliability of the network has been great.  Kate is one very happy customer.

An example of Kate's work:

(c) Kate Abbey www.kateabbey.co.uk