Superfast Wireless Broadband in a Craven village

Overview and Background:

Not being a technophile, Jim Hope who lives near Skipton, stubbornly persisted with his original service provider as he feared any change would cause as many problems as it solved.”  In any case, being located at the far edge of a telephone exchange area, and no other link installed, I didn't see how the situation could be improved.  But as websites became more complex and images more detailed, using the internet became more and more frustrating.

Jim then heard of wireless broadband provided by I Love Broadband a small community-based internet service provider, via a couple who run a home based business in the same village.  “I love Broadband then carried out a survey to see how many local residents in our small scattered community might be interested in signing up to a new service.  A minimum of (I think) 30 properties was required and this was soon achieved.  Installation was quick and easy (easier than cancelling the previous contract!), and the service provided was many times faster.”

“Old frustrations have now gone.  For example, when making an online payment, the page doesn't time out before payment is completed, BBC iPlayer actually streams more quickly than we can view it, so there are no freeze-frames whilst it catches up. Laptop viewing and listening has become an option for the first time.  Basically there is a lot less time spent staring at the screen waiting for it to respond to instruction.

Occasionally contact is lost - not always the fault of the provider as they are not necessarily informed of mains power interruptions for maintenance. However, one phone call will access any message regarding known problems specific to the area, otherwise it goes straight to an adviser who will talk through any other issues.

 Jim Hope a customer of I Love Broadband near Skipton

This is just one example of a new wireless broadband scheme being set up to bring superfast connectivity to rural areas. Other recent installations have taken place in Greenhow, Middlesmoor, Ramsgill, Wath, and Lofthouses (all provided by iLoveBroadband); and in Brawby, Normanby and Great Barugh (provided by Beeline Broadband).