Hovingham and Scackleton Community Plan

Overview and Background:
Learn how a Community Plan made a difference.

Hovingham Parish has an estimated population of 380 (2008) and is located between Malton and Helmsley.  It is situated in the Howardian Hills ANOB, amid well-wooded rolling hills in a patchwork of arable and pasture fields.  The parish contains the villages of Hovingham and Scackleton, the Hovingham estate, farms and local businesses. 

In 2008 the Parish Council were approached by RAY (then Yorkshire Rural Community Council) to discuss creating a Community Plan.

The approach: 

The RAY Community Planning Officer was on hand throughout the whole process and supported the community and steering group.  Although there was a lot of initial interest in the idea, there was also some opposition and resistance.  RAY helped the community to hold public events and to form a steering group to take the project forward. 

At the first meeting in May 2008 there was a lot of interest and some initial opposition to the idea.  Following discussion the suspicion and resistance were resolved and enough volunteers came forward to form a steering group.  We also put the group in touch with another community who had already produced a very successful and productive plan. 

The steering group was determined to include all the community in the plan and encouraged everyone to take part and be involved.  The group consisted of members who had an excellent skills mix to enable them to work closely together to communicate with all residents.  

RAY helped the group to develop their questionnaire and we were able to use examples from other communities which had proved successful.  We also provided advice on getting all parts of the community involved.  This meant that the school, young people, local businesses and farmers also had their say.  The main questionnaire had an 80% response rate. 

The group benefited from £2000 in funding from RAY which covered the production of both the questionnaires and the final Community Plan. We also helped with the collation of the questionnaire results and in producing a report and action plan.

The outcome: 
  • Six new action groups formed including Village Housekeeping group, Wildlife group and Environment group.
  • Increased community involvement
  • Over 50 new volunteers recruited to help with different projects/groups
  • The village Farmers Market was set up, held on the first Saturday of every month, refreshments are provided by different local community groups to raise funds for their group.
  • New Youth Club and kick about area started at the Village Hall
  • Funding achieved for major Village Hall improvements, including two LEADER projects, resulting in much increased usage of the building
  • Neighbourhood Watch revitalised
  •  Issues addressed to local authority resulted in changes to local bus service times and initiatives to deter speeding traffic passing through Hovingham.
What next: 

The Hovingham Steering Group are always willing to offer support and share their experiences with other groups and have given presentations to a number of community meetings and events across Ryedale. 

In 2012 this Plan was updated by the Hovingham Action Group.